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Texas Duck Hunting

We start off in early September with our famous Teal hunts.  The action is fast paced and in your face.  The funnel for these little Rice Rockets on their migration to Mexico is El Campo, TX and we are right in the middle of it.

You will be driven right up to a comfortable and concealed blind in a Ranger 900 crew.  I will set up the Tanglefree decoys and Mojo's for the morning hunt. Last year on average our hunts lasted 45 minutes to an hour.

Duck & Goose Hunting Rates

Duck & Goose Hunting Rates

Come on out to El Campo, Tx for a true waterfowl hunting experience.

Our hunts are all inclusive and are priced as follows:

Duck Hunts:

$350 per hunter for 2 hunters

$325 per hunter for 3 hunters

$300 per hunter for 4 hunters or more

Lodging can be added at $185 per person per day. 

Conservation Goose Hunts:

$325 per person, private group requires a minimum of 4 people.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due for all hunts at the time of booking to secure your dates. 

"One of the hunts I look most forward to every year. Great host, great food, great guides and the best teal hunting in the world." - Mike Morgan, Hall Of Fame outdoorsman and host of Mojo Outdoors.

A Typical Duck Hunt Experience

A Typical Duck Hunt Experience

Just like early teal season, our hunts are conducted in El Campo, TX.  You will be driven up to the blinds and take about 10 steps to your comfortable blind for the day. All decoy spreads will be set up while you and your party get settled in the blind. Your guide will call the shots as most of the ducks and geese will be feet down in the spread. We will not call the hunt until a limit is reached, you've had your fill of fun for the morning, or the birds just quit flying.

Goose Hunting

We will all arrive at the previously scouted field and begin to set up the decoy spread.  Typically we will put out anywhere from 800-1,600 decoys. This is more of a team effort and everyone will be involved in setting out the spread. Some decoys may be set up the night before, but the majority will be set that morning. Our primary targets are Speckle Bellies and Snow Geese.